Ten shillings reward

From the classified ads in the Post Man and the Historical Account, August 4–6, 1702:

Lost on the 26th of July, 1702, between Chelsea and London by the Thames side, a Watch in a black studded case, with a blue Ribbon, engraved within Daniel Quare; whoever brings the same to the Mitre Coffee house in Mitre Court over against Fetter-lane in Fleetstreet shall have 10s. reward.

Lost on Sunday last near Cane-wood by Hampstead, a small Spaniel Bitch, liver colour and white, a blaze in her Forehead, mottled about her Nose and Feet, large tufts of white Hair near her tayl, sits up and begs. Whoever gives notice of her to Mr Richards at the Flying Horse near the Fountain Tavern in the Strand, or to the Widow Barrets in Pond-street, Hampstead, shall have 10s. reward.

Elizabeth Hancock, Appentice, aged about 13, of a fair Complexion, thick Lips, short neck’d, pretty broad Shoulder’d, low of stature, in a strip’d Stuff Gown and Petticoat mixt with yellow, and Gold Rings in her Ears; went away from her Mistress, Mrs Mary Connock, at the Cabinet-makers, Charles-street, Westminster, on the 21st of the last Month; whoever gives notice of her, so as she may be had again, to the said Mrs Connock, shall have 10s. reward.

I wonder which of the three was more valued? Certainly not poor Elizabeth, judging by the disdainful description of her by her mistress, who is obviously rather more concerned with her investment than the child’s welfare.

2 thoughts on “Ten shillings reward

    • Thanks for your comment. She put the same ad in two newspapers, so she must have had some hope of it working. Haven’t found any other info about either woman, so we’ll never know!

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