All the news in the world

Today’s press may seem to publish bizarre and randomly connected material on occasion, but it was no different three centuries ago. Here are some of the notices from Parker’s London News or the Impartial Intelligencer, October 14, 1724:

Last Monday, one Mary Saunders, a distracted Person, who had been dismissed out of Bedlam, cut the Throat of two of her Children, and afterwards her own, in Knaves-Acre, leaving a Paper behind her, signifying that she had made those Sacrifices to the Idol of her Heart, one George Walker, for the Love of whom she first was disturb’d in Mind.

We hear, that there is in the Press, the whole Life and Conversation of a certain Pretender to Commissions, which he never bore, who styles himself the Bloud of the Huffs: The said Pamphlet will give a true and exact Account of all his Military Atchievments, the Battles he never fought, the Encampments he never made, and the Troops which he never drew up: For the use of the Soldiery, tho’ ’tis not given Gratis, yet ’tis said it will be sold for so small a Price as a Penny.

‘Tis written from France, Wines are so very cheap there, thro’ extraordinary Vintages in the Provinces of Champaign, Burgundy, &c. that they are sold for less Money than their very Casks.

Last Week died Mr. Trig, a Tallow-Chandler, who had formerly liv’d near Stevenage, in Hertfordshire, but as ’tis said, so covetous that he would scarce allow himself Necessaries for Life. He left his Brother his Executors, with Orders in his Will, for burying him (if it may be so term’d) in the Roof of a Barn at Stevenage, and his Body to lie there 30 Years; otherwise his Estate of 2 or 3000 l. was to go to the Parish: His Will was accordingly complied with, and on Monday last, the Corpse was deposited there in a Leaden Coffin, to prevent giving Offence to the Neighbours.

Three Shop-Keepers in the City, being indicted by Thomas Clark, a Middlesex Bailiff and his Follower, for an Assault and Rescue of a Person whom they had arrested, were acquitted, it appearing that the Bailiff exceeded his Bounds, and attack’d the Person in the City of London.

Two Porters belonging to Newgate-Market, named Thomas Dover, and Will. Harvey, on a Wager of a Guinea, (which should carry a heavy Burthen the farthest) started at the Pound in St. John’s-Street, with a Weight of 15 Stone of Gravel, each went 17 Miles.

Any ideas there for Rupert Murdoch’s new venture?

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