A bill of fare for December

Following on from the last post, here’s the menu for December*:

Stew’d broth of mutton & marrow bowne a boiled leg of pork & turneps, a lambs head & white broth, a fillett of beefe stuffed, a side of lamb roasted, a chine of roast beef; minced pyes, a turkey larded stuck with cloves, 2 roasted capons, one larded, tarts, cheescakes, custards, stew’d fruits, dryed apples & pears (Second course) A very young lamb or kid roasted, a dish of partridges, Bolonia sausages, a dish of anchovies, garnished with mushrooms & other pickles, a dish of pickled oysters & potted pigeons. A quince pye, hot minced pyes, a dish of woodcockes, plum porridge.

Some of the dishes are familiar, and some still today associated with Christmas, although I’m planning another post that will explain that some foods such as mince pies were quite different.

I like the mention of a second course – you’d need some breathing space by then!

* MS 1794, Wellcome Library.