A bill of fare for November

When you’re sitting down to your Sunday roast or Thanksgiving dinner, think of the following menu, found in an eighteenth-century recipe book*:

A shoulder of mutton stuffed with oisters, a fillet of veale stuffed with marrow, beef suet, hard eggs, sweet herbs, potted pigeons, a loin of veale roasted, a goose roasted, a venison pasty, preserved fruits, Second course a larded hen one not larded & season’d Pigeon pye a soused turbut, 2 pheasants, one larded, Westphalia ham, soused mulletts, jellies & tarts, of fruit in season, gamon of bacon.

Do you think you could eat all that? An interesting mix of savoury and sweet, though.

There’s one for each month, so check back for some more in a few weeks’ time.

* MS 1794, Wellcome Library.

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