Digital Researcher II #DR10

Today’s Vitae Digital Researcher programme at the British Library was an interesting experiment in using as well as discussing social media. Shame that for the morning the wifi connection wasn’t working and for the afternoon it was rather slow! Luckily many people had phones they could tweet with, but we also seem to have overloaded Twitter a few times during the day. Guess Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Far too much information to process immediately, I’ll have to go through the #DR10 Twitter feed because I saw lots of nuggets and useful websites or tools popping up. The overwhelming impression is that this whole social media things needs careful managing, though. It was far too easy today to concentrate so much on following the tweets that you didn’t listen to the presentations (luckily there are slides available!). And on a general level I sometimes find by the time I’ve checked my email, read Twitter, written a blog entry, gone through RSS feeds I’ve taken up a couple of hours when I really should have been working. Note to self: Need either to get up earlier or turn off automatic updates while I’m working!

But the day led to some fascinating exchanges of knowledge from presenters and participants alike and I’m sure there are contacts and knowledge I’ll draw on at a later date. Interesting to see other people contributing who weren’t present, as well. I’m not sure about the value of the cognitive subject maps, but that may be because I wasn’t able to be at the presentations. I’m sure I’ll glean the best bits from blogs and Twitter over the next day or so!

Thanks to all the organisers for a great day and good luck to everyone.

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